Daqtagh Class: Klingon small attack craft often used as shuttle.Commonly referred to as a baby bird of prey. They normally attack in swarms. The craft have a crew of 3 to 6.

Raptor CLASS:The Raptor is designed as s combat or, system patrol craft; used primarily as a raider. This class was involved in incidents with the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01.

B'rel Class the first prototype Bird-of-Prey was launched for space trials. It quickly became readily apparent that the diminutive starship was one of the finest designs ever produced by the Imperial Shipyards. General production began in 1652 IR and production rates have increased steadily ever since. 

pIH Class:This small vessel fulfills many duties within the empire. It has three variants ranging from fast attack ship to science vessel and cargo carrier.  Because of its many roles within the empire, there is a standard weapons package.

qa'HoS Class: is a common sight on the borders of Klingon space. This is a rather unremarkable ship. It is a tried and true design that has been in service for over seventy years. These were powerful warships and were the main line of defense for the Klingon Empire. the ship never lost its reputation for reliability and survivability.

K'T'inga D7 class:The basic D7 hull type starship has been in existence for more than 100 years. Though the external design has changed little, the ship has undergone refits and improvements over the years, finally resulting in the model currently in service.

"SuvwI' QeH" class Command Cruiser is loosely based off of the hull of the D7 class Klingon cruiser. This ship is a vital part of Klingon battle tactics, utilizing a good combination of speed and firepower-including captured technology-to lead task forces.

The "qeylIS betleH" Class Battleship is the largest ship currently fielded by the Klingon Defense Force. A massive craft, this vessel requires an enormous crew and is capable of destroying most ships in a few salvos from it guns. This ship cannot be cloaked due to difficulties adjusting a field that size and the power requirements for it.

Vorcha Class: Klingon attack cruiser. It is a relatively new design and was heavily used in the Dominion War. It is equipped with a cloaking device and possesses 8 disruptor cannons, 1 large forward disruptor .

Klingon Ber taa CLASS: Multi-role Explorer ship is a versatile design a combatant, system bombardment, or research vessel.

Negh'Var Class the flagship of the Klingon Defense Fleet. Used in the Dominion war this is one of the most heavily armed ships known.

Klingon D-9 Seeker Class the Frigate of the Klingon Defense Fleet. Used doring the Treaty of Fear this is one of the most agile ships of her size.